Park Valley Church ONLINE Circle


welcome home


Persuading people through love to follow Jesus has been the vision of Park Valley Church since the very beginning, and is the mission of the online campus.


While leading a church in Massachusetts, Pastor Barry and his wife Christine received a phone call that started it all. Barry’s friend, Bob Surface, called and asked Barry to pray about starting a church back home in Virginia, specifically in Haymarket. The idea was to build a church that would reach people who had given up on church. After praying about it, Barry, Christine, and their four boys said, “yes.” On a Sunday morning in July of 2003, 20 people met in a corporate office building and Park Valley Church was born.


From the very beginning, it was obvious God was at work at PVC. By October of 2003, we already needed a larger location to meet. So we moved to J.W. Alvey Elementary School in Haymarket. Seven years later, God was still working and blessed Park Valley with a beautiful new building to call home in the spring of 2010! In September of 2016, we began a new building project with a 1,300 seat auditorium. As Park Valley continues to focus on reaching people for Jesus, God continues to bless us.


It is our desire to champion the cause of the local and global church and see lives changed. We want to see future generations of young people raised up to fulfill their purpose in Christ and to stand boldly as a light of hope in a dark world.


Our online campus exists to help reach people for the Gospel no matter where they are. Wherever you find yourself in life, or geographically, we want to be a place where you can be encouraged and pointed back to Jesus.