Application Process ....

STAGE 1 - Application
Upon eligibility, you will receive access to our general application form. This phase is an opportunity for candidates to tell us about their interests and goals, provide references, and complete a background check. The intro module will be the first step to introducing you to the Park Valley College curriculum. The application fee is a non-refundable $25.

STAGE 2 - Admissions Interview 
The applicants who are confirmed eligible and approved in Stage 1 will move on to the interview process. Here the Directors will meet with you to confirm this is the right season for you to become a student at Park Valley College. It will also include tailored next steps for your development as a leader.

STAGE 3 - Acceptance 
The candidates who are approved and accepted into the program will move into Stage 3 during which candidates will be able to register for College year.

NOTE: Should classes be full for the upcoming semester, the candidates who have been approved upon completion of Stage 2, will be placed on a priority list for the following year. 



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