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"As a working mom, I wasn't sure I could fit in a class but God showed me it was the best investment of my time. One of the things I cherish the most after taking a Park Valley College class is the relationships and the bonds I formed with my classmates as we grew in faith together."

-Kim Bricker, Government Sub-Contractor

"When my husband signed us both up for classes I found the thought of going back to college in my 50's very daunting, but I am so glad he did! The classes brought us closer together as we spent time studying God's Word, listening to lectures, and fellowshipping with other Christians." 

-Betty Jo Goff, Preschool Teacher

"Taking classes at Park Valley College has been a wonderful opportunity to learn more about biblical application, make new friends, and learn from top-notch educators."

-Julie Kieffer, Certified Public Accountant

"The class that I attended on the New Testament was an enlightening exchange of perceptions and facts about the life of Christ and His impact on the future of the church. Discussion and projects gave life to the words that I had read so many times before, helping me to understand the gospels and epistles much better."

-Bill Moss, Small Business Owner

"I feel privileged to have taught the Systematic Theology course. What the students learned has further equipped them to boldly proclaim the gospel and to be defenders of the faith." 

-Andy Christensen, Faculty

"I learned fundamental biblical truths as well as practical ways to live a fuller Christian life. Above all, the professors demonstrated that faith in Jesus Christ is the ultimate truth this world needs."

-Jason Choi, Engineer