Worship Auditions


Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the worship team at Park Valley Church. We are looking for genuine and skilled worshippers who fit our culture and values. We believe that worship team members should exemplify what it means to worship in spirit and truth. They should also lead the congregation by genuinely and authentically engaging in worship as they lead. 


Please take time to read the following requirements and expectations that we have for our team members.

When you have met those requirements, you will be asked to submit a video audition.


Basic requirements for participation on the worship team: To be eligible to serve, you must consider Park Valley to be your home church and have gone through all 4 classes of Growth Track. You must be in agreement with our theological standings and our vision and values. We are looking for trustworthy, team-minded people who will take the commitment seriously. Maintaining a humble, teachable attitude is very important. The worship team is not a platform for showcasing individual talents, but a place of service to the congregation. Previous experience on a worship team or in a band can be helpful but is not required. While there are similar principles used in most live music situations, every band or team experience is different. Be prepared to learn new ways of doing things even as we follow standard practices. All Band Members Must:

  • Be confident in their instrument and be able to play/sing whatever parts that are given to them.
  • Be able to play with a click track (metronome) and hold tempo.
  • Model worship for the congregation by maintaining an attitude of worship while singing/playing with the band. The focus is on God, not on performing.


Expectations for participation: The time requirement for serving varies between 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours when they are scheduled for worship services. (This time frame does not include personal practice time, which is also expected.) Because rehearsal time is limited, each band member is expected to come to rehearsal fully prepared, knowing and able to play/sing each part they are expected to play/sing for every song in the service. Although they are not required to sit through all four messages, all team members are encouraged to sit through one entire service. We make every attempt to not over-schedule team members and to work within their availability.



  • Be able to sing on pitch.
  • Be able to hear and sing a harmony part for a given melody, i.e. should be comfortable learning parts by ear.
  • Be able to reproduce a harmony part for a given song consistently, i.e. sing the same part for a song each time that song is used.
  • Be able to control vocal elements such as volume in order to blend with the worship leader and other vocalists.
  • Be able to engage in the songs and with the congregation with confidence and in an inviting and welcoming way that encourages participation.
  • Be able to read chord charts.
  • Have a good knowledge of major and minor chords and basic scales.
  • Be able to control dynamics while maintaining a consistent tempo.
  • Must own their own guitar and be able to reproduce tones consistent with modern worship music.
  • Must be comfortable learning parts by ear.
  • Be able to read chord charts.
  • Have a knowledge of basic scales.
  • Should understand basic rhythmic divisions; quarter notes, eighth notes, triplets, etc.
  • Must be comfortable learning parts by ear.
  • Be able to sync with the drummer, and stick with the beat of the kick drum.
  • Must be able to hold steady time with the click track (metronome).
  • Be able to play drum parts as heard on the songs being played.
  • Must be comfortable learning parts by ear.
  • Be able to control dynamics while maintaining a consistent tempo.
  • Be able to read chord charts.
  • Should know chord inversions and be able to find different chord voicings.
  • Must be comfortable learning parts by ear.
  • Must be comfortable using a multilayered keys rig with different synth sounds for each song. Sounds are made and provided by the church.
No need for your own gear.

If you're ready to join our worship team, your first step is to register for Growth Track. Please click below to get started.