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“As I Pray” was written out of a heart of wanting to see Park Valley Church declare in faith that we believe Jesus can step into our present circumstances, right as we are, and give us hope. In Acts 16 we find Paul and Silas worshiping Jesus from a prison cell. While they were singing there was a huge earthquake. All of the prison doors opened, and the chains on every prisoner fell off. While this incredible occurrence was literal, we believe the same is true for each of us still today in a spiritual sense.

We wanted to write a song filled with truth, that could be a prayer for those who sing it. For all of us who struggle with worry, fear, and doubt, this song is a reminder that God works all things for good.  In the midst of heartfelt worship, Jesus is at work tearing down the walls that have built up from all of the lies we have allowed ourselves to believe. He is making all things new.
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